New Tehri

Departmental Structure


1- To prepare annual calendar for different programmes.
2- Co-operation with the authority programming in-service training.
3- To conduct different in-service trainings aiming at the quality education in primary education.
4- Academic support to primary teacher in classroom teaching-learning process.
5- To identify main issues and problems in primary education and providing suggestions and solutions through action research and innovations.


1- Collection of Educational data in the district and to prepare work plan respectively.
2- Providing suggestions to the authority for the planning of elementary education and total literacy programme in the district.
3- To motivate and engage the trainers of diet to research and for survey studies in the different fields of education and planning.


1- To provide educational and resourceful assistance for continuous education. 2- Feedback and support to the programmes conducting the continuous education. 3- Development of evaluation tools and material for continuous evaluation.


1- To prepare effective and low cost teaching learning material for primary teachers with the help of diet staff and resource persons.
2- Providing audio visual tools, computer lab and educational audio visual cassettes in different trainings.

W. E.

1- Identification of the field of work Experience in the district and preparation of low cost T.L.M.,teaching Materials and evaluation Performa with the help of nodal centers in the district. 2- Providing information about work experience to the centers for non formal / continuous education and primary schools with the help of concerning authority.


1- Assimilate the available teaching learning material and to develop new teaching learning material to suite local conditions and experimenting the material in primary education. 2- Developing useful subject units new and local for the existing curriculum in the different subjects at the district level.
New Tehri