Teacher education in the district

Elementary Teacher Education and Institution-

Tehri DIET is third phase diet established in 1996 which provides pre service training for elementary teachers by conducting B.T.C./ V. B.T.C./D.El.Ed. Training program and in-service training on different issues for their quality improvement. Some measures were taken for the universalization of primary education and quality improvement thereof under new policy on education. D.P.E.P &S.S.A. schemes were launched to achieve this goal. Deprived groups in society were taken to the main stream of education for child centered approach. Primary teachers were given trainings in these respects. For the retention in the schools mid day meal, free distribution of books and other schemes are launched. At present there are 1474 primary, 314 upper primary schools, 01 model schools in district Tehri Garhwal

Role of DIET-

Teaching learning paradigm has been shifted following the radical changes occurred in the field of child psychology of education. It brought entire change in the existing process of teaching learning. Every aspect of education i.e. curriculum content, text book and school management and administration could have been come under this influence of change. Education process advanced with the change of teacher centered approach into child centered approach. And this is why the role of a teacher in teaching learning process has also been changed-
Teacher as a facilitator to learner in teaching learning process.
• Teacher as a motivator.
• Teacher as a planner of child experiences in learning process.
• Teacher’s role is to create a conducive environment for learning, removing the obstacles.
• His role is to link the school with home in relation to all-round development of child.
• Efforts for strengthening the co-ordination between school and community.
• To identify the needs and the capacities in child.
• To established better co-ordination between school and the department of education for the betterment of child.
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